YAE COmmUnity Objectives & Commitments

By the end of spending one and a half years with the Young Adult Empowerment Communities, young adults will grow, be resourced, and rooted in:

  • Building Community: Experience and know how to build a compassionate, intercultural, loving, accountable community rooted in missionary discipleship which helps each other discern and recognize their power

  • Leadership: Learn leadership skills and practice them through integrating themselves within a community, listening to the people, being able to assess and articulate the realities of communities, and collaboratively work for change

  • Identity: Explore their authentic identity personally, spiritually, and societally

  • Relationship with God and personal calling: Know God loves them, has a relationship with and a plan for them, and is calling them forward outside of their comfort zone

  • Maryknoll Identity: Encounter Maryknoll’s charism through living mission through practicing service, global solidarity, social justice rooted in Christ

  • Being relevant church leaders: Prepare for building and leading 21st century church as missionary disciples with intercultural awareness and practice in social media ministry

Community Commitments

  • Each member of the Maryknoll Young Adult Empowerment Communities will commit to:

      • Meet monthly in person for a three hour evening session, and then engage also digitally with community prayer

      • Commit to a weekly service experience where you are willing to get to know people who are on your margins

      • Be an active member of the community through showing up authentically and compassionately

      • Be willing to get a little uncomfortable in order to grow, address societal injustices, and build a better community and world

      • Be willing to engage societal injustices with conversations of faith

      • Be engaged in leaning into leadership