Young Adult Empowerment Community

What we do

We build small communities of young adults committed to making the world a better place with opportunities for leadership development, social justice engagement, and discernment to find our calling, rooted in prophetic welcome and authenticity.

We also partner with local young adult communities to provide formation opportunities and immersion experiences which offer a sustainable faith grounding around this engagement and work in Spanish and English.

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How we do it

We walk alongside young adults in community for one and a half years, offering accompaniment, leadership formation, spiritual reflection and processes, and experiential and contextual grounding. Based in five US Cities as well as digitally, we offer a one-of-a-kind growth process, deeply integrating our daily lived experiences with faith, rooted in community and Maryknoll's charism of spreading God's love and mercy through compassion at work.

We emphasize inclusivity to global vulnerable populations, through mission, and connecting through global solidarity in a relevant way. We pray for and with those living on the margins. Maryknoll has over 100 years of global immersion experience, which offers unique, authentic, grassroots wisdom for those interested in social justice, immersion programs, and walking with our brothers and sisters on the margins, locally and globally, with the support of faith.


By the end of spending one and a half years with the Young Adult Empowerment Communities, young adults will grow, be resourced, and rooted in:

  • Building Community: Experience and know how to build a compassionate, intercultural, loving, accountable community rooted in missionary discipleship which helps each other discern and recognize their power
  • Leadership: Learn leadership skills and practice them through integrating themselves within a community, listening to the people, being able to assess and articulate the realities of communities, and collaboratively work for change
  • Identity: Explore their authentic identity personally, spiritually, and societally
  • Relationship with God and personal calling: Know God loves them, has a relationship with and a plan for them, and is calling them forward outside of their comfort zone
  • Maryknoll Identity: Encounter Maryknoll’s charism through living mission through practicing service, global solidarity, social justice rooted in Christ
  • Being relevant church leaders: Prepare for building and leading 21st century church as missionary disciples with intercultural awareness and practice in social media ministry

Community Commitments

  • Each member of the Maryknoll Young Adult Empowerment Communities will commit to:
    • Meet monthly in person for a three hour evening session, and then engage also digitally with community prayer
    • Commit to a weekly service experience where you are willing to get to know people who are on your margins
    • Be an active member of the community through showing up authentically and compassionately
    • Be willing to get a little uncomfortable in order to grow, address societal injustices, and build a better community and world
    • Be willing to engage societal injustices with conversations of faith
    • Be engaged in leaning into leadership

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