Application Process - Our next cohort opens in Spring of 2022

We want to see your personality, life experience, talents, and skills. Using one of the digital mediums below, create your best representation of what makes you YOU. Consider answering the questions below:

      1. What you are seeking from joining this community? Why are you interested in this community?

      2. What gifts do you bring? How are you hoping to grow?

      3. What has been your experience with people on your margins?

      4. How do you intend on using what you learn here in the future?

Use the medium that’s most comfortable for you and will best allow you to succeed. This could be:

      1. A short video: 2 - 5 minutes

      2. A blog post: no longer than 1000 words

      3. A photo album: no more than 40 pictures

      4. Another medium which works well for you!

Ready to apply? Fill out an application form.

Questions? Contact us at

Your personal information which Maryknoll receives from you remains private. Your information will not be shared or sold.

Applying means you want to…

  • Develop your leadership potential and your understanding of faith

  • Build relationships with people on your margins

  • Create community with the other members of your cohort

  • Become a positive influence in your communities

  • Take an active role in your relationship with God

  • Look at power and privilege and your own role in building a just, loving world

  • Work well with others in community settings

  • Be a dependable individual, exhibit good character, and have a good sense of humor