YAE Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why would I do this Program?
      • Develop skills to work with and be an amplifier for people on society's margins
      • Make a difference in your community
      • Gather leadership tools to become proactive leaders in all aspects of life
      • Discern your personal call to leadership
      • Create a sense of community by accompanying one another through life's challenges and joys
      • Identify with Maryknoll and understand the Maryknoll charism of prophetic, authentic love in action
      • Experience the integration of service and spirituality
      • Deepen your understanding of the connectedness between faith and your unique call to do social justice, mission, and enter into deeper relationship with people who are marginalized through authentic encounter
    2. Where are the Programs offered?
      • Digitally, New York City, Chicago, Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, and Seattle
    3. How long is the Program?
      • One and a half years (Beginning in September of year 1, ending in May of year 2, breaking for summer)
    4. What are the learning objectives of the Program?
      • To grow, be resourced, and rooted in:
        • relationship with God and personal calling
        • leadership development
        • authentic personal identity
        • Maryknoll identity
        • building community
        • being relevant church and/or community leaders
    5. What is the typical size of the group that participates in the Programs?
      • We keep our communities small, so we can have intentional and personal connections. Our communities range from 8-15 members.
    6. What is the format of the Program?
      • Meetings are held monthly, for about 3 hours in the evening. Between meetings you will be expected to continually engage in your weekly service commitment and engage with the community virtually. We break for the summer. We will travel together for a planned immersion trip in April of the 2nd year of participation.
    7. What are the requirements of this program?
      • Interested in making a difference in your community
      • A Willingness to be stretched, to grow, to challenge yourself, to face your privilege, and get uncomfortable so as to build a more inclusive and loving society
      • Commitment to a weekly service experience (discerned with the community leader if you work in social services, etc)
      • Commitment to the 1.5 years of community; as each member is a vital part of any community
    8. What are the theological sources and methodology of the Program?
      • Scripture
      • Pope Francis' writings, including Joy of the Gospel and Laudato Si
      • See - Judge - Act methodology
      • Accompaniment modeling and formation
      • Missionary Discipleship Dynamic
    9. Are resources provided with the Programs?
      • Monthly meetings focus on Community Building, Theology of Young Adults, Leadership Development, Community Organizing, Intercultural Growth, Faith Formation, Care of Creation, Migration, Economic Justice, Missiology and the Church, Catholic Social Teaching, Social Media and Spirituality, Art and Theology, Building Bridges, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Discernment.
    10. Why is Maryknoll offering these Programs?
      • Maryknoll offers this program to young adults as the leaders of now: empowered to live a life of purpose and mission.
    11. What does the Program cost?
      • Discerned with each participant. In April of the second year, participants take part in an immersion trip, which can be collaboratively fundraised for
    12. Who would benefit from the Programs?
      • You, your community, and those who are marginalized.
    13. In what languages is the Program offered?
      • English and Spanish

Contact us via email: YoungAdults@Maryknoll.us