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U.S. Mission Education Apostolate - Church Engagement

Serving you in creating a culture of mission

Recognizing the call to missionary discipleship that comes from baptism, Maryknoll seeks to awaken a missionary spirit in the faithful through formation and immersion experiences for front line diocesan, parish and school ministers and all others interested in mission. Contact a Mission Promoter in your area or according to your interest.

Maryknoll's Mission Educator-Promoters are Maryknoll Priests and Brothers, Deacons and Lay Ecclesial Ministers who have embraced their calling as missionary disciples as a full or part ministry. They bring their inter-cultural experiences and education in theology and pastoral ministry to bear in accompanying and forming other missionary disciples.

Mission Education Programs and Teams

  • Discípulos Misioneros Maryknoll, Deacon Leonel Yoque, Team Leader (213)-747-9676

  • Teacher Catechist Outreach and Discover Your Neighbor, Deacon Kevin McCarthy, Team Leader (914) 941-7590

  • Deacon Mission Partners, Deacon Dennis Holley, Team Leader (571) 243-5231

  • Third Wave of Mission, Kris East, Coordinator (510) 276-5021

  • Young Adult Engagement, Luna, Team Leader (310) 465-8765

  • Short Term Mission, Fr. Mike Snyder, MM, Coordinator, (914) 941-7636 X2467

  • Immersion Trips, Kris East, Coordinator, (510) 276-5021

Mission Education Centers and Regional Contacts

  • New York Mission Center / New England, Walter Hidalgo, (646) 705-9448

  • Chicago Mission Center / Midwest, Winnie Lopez, (773) 493-3367

  • Los Altos Mission Center / Northern California, Luna, (310) 465-8765

  • Seattle Mission House / Northwest

  • Houston Mission House / South, Linda Britton, (713) 529-1912

  • Southern California, Ray Almanza, (310) 488-2124

  • Upstate New York, Paul Bork, (716) 796-8919

  • Mid Atlantic, Denny Holley, (571) 243-5231


Leadership Team

Programs in the U.S.

Parish Communities

Missionary Disciples Formation Program

Maryknoll helps form front-line diocesan, parish, and school ministers and others interested in passing on the torch of mission to the next generation. This program, grounded in “Joy of the Gospel” and Maryknoll’s global experience, offers interactive retreats and workshops to assist teachers, principals, DREs, lay ecclesial ministers, catechists, priests, deacons and wives and others to carry out their responsibility of awakening a missionary spirit in the faithful and create “communities of missionary disciples.” Contact Deacon Matt Dulka at (510) 276-5021, Learn more...

Diocesan Mission Appeals and Parish Missions

In addition to serving mission internationally, from our very foundation Maryknoll acknowledges a responsibility to return to our sending Church here in the U.S. to assist our parish communities in living out more fully our baptismal call to mission. We achieve this through collaborating with diocesan bishops to visit and speak in parishes to promote vocational awareness for short-term or lifetime missionary service; to generate donations in support of our international initiatives; and to foster an overall culture of mission in response to Pope Francis’ call. In particular, we invite parishioners to become better engaged in global solidarity through the stories in the Maryknoll magazines. Contact Deacon Paul Bork at (716) 796-8919 Learn more...

Third Wave of Mission Institute

As a national group of missionary representatives with extensive mission experience in various parts of the world, the Third Wave of Mission Institute offers formation programs for preparing, accompanying, and receiving back home mission groups interested in short-term mission, with opportunities and parish twinning experiences.

Teacher Catechist Community

Teacher and Catechist Outreach

We partner with Catholic educators and diocesan offices for schools, catechesis and youth ministry to help youth and families live out their baptismal call to mission. Maryknoll offers teacher formation programs centered on mission principles and best practices, firsthand mission experience through mission immersion programs, and collaboration on curriculum and mission-minded programming for youth. Contact Kevin McCarthy at or 914-941-7590 Learn more...

Orbis Books

Through its publishing arm, Orbis Books, Maryknoll helps to promote the culture of mission through books that highlight the global dimensions of Christian faith, amplify voices from the margins, encourage discipleship and promote interreligious dialogue and care for the earth. With many books by and about Pope Francis, the Orbis program is also marked by many of his central themes: mercy, the option for the poor, ecology, and mission, as well as figures he has highlighted: Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Oscar Romero. Contact Bernadette Price at (914) 941-7636, Ext. 2435, Customer Service: 1-800-258-5838 Learn more...

Deacon Community

Deacon Mission Partners

The strong links between diaconal ministry and mission are grounded in the earliest example of the Deacon Philip. Today more than ever, deacons and wives are needed to be a driving force for creating a culture of mission by fostering communities of missionary disciples in the local church. We are a mission-focused diaconal community that supports each other. We provide formation and mission immersion experiences and resources for preaching and mission education. Contact Deacon Dennis Holley at (804) 997-5031 Learn more...

Hispanic Community

Discipulos Misioneros Maryknoll (Hispanic Outreach)

Serving the U.S. Catholic Hispanic Community’s unique efforts for living out Pope Francis’ invitation to missionary discipleship, Maryknoll offers Spanish language and cultural formation including workshops, retreats, and parish missions to develop and empower Hispanic front-line mission animators for active ministry today that is grounded in global mission and solidarity. Contact Deacon Leonel Yoque at (213) 747-9676 Learn more...

Misioneros Maryknoll (formerly Revista)

With one of the largest circulations for U.S. Hispanic Catholics, the award-winning Spanish language magazine, Revista Maryknoll, shares the stories of the Maryknoll Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, and Lay Missioners engaged in the life of missionary discipleship worldwide. Contact David Aquije at (914) 941-7636, Ext. 2307 Learn more...

Global Mission Community Programs

Short-Term Volunteers & Immersion Trips

Recognizing that all people of faith are called to participate in God’s mission, Maryknoll welcomes men and women who wish to serve from 6 weeks to 1 year as short-term volunteers to work with us in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Bolivia, and Tanzania. We also offer group immersion experiences to several locations, including Jamaica, Haiti, Bolivia, and East Africa for 1-3 weeks. Contact Fr. Mike Snyder, M.M. at (914) 941-7636, Ext. 2230 Learn more...

Maryknoll Priest/Brother Associates

Becoming a Maryknoll Priest or Brother Associate offers one a unique opportunity to answer Christ’s call to proclaim the Good News to all nations. Participants serve 3 to 5 years representing their diocese or community in Asia, Africa, or Latin America by walking in solidarity with people overseas and working together with Maryknoll Missioners. Participants enrich their own vocation through this service and return to their sending community with a wealth of experience. Contact Fr. Mike Snyder, M.M. at (914) 941-7636, Ext. 2230 Learn more...

Central America Pilgrimage Retreat

During this 10-day spiritual journey, bishops, priests, Brothers and permanent deacons walk in the footsteps of today’s martyrs in Guatemala and El Salvador. They will experience why people whom they served and the Catholic Church itself suffered persecution and were able to give their lives as witnesses of Jesus Christ. Contact Kris East at (510) 276-5021, Learn more...

Lifetime Vocations to Mission

As a Society of Apostolic Life, we welcome young men to join us in a lifetime commitment as Maryknoll priests and Brothers to dedicate their lives in service to God’s mission in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Contact Fr. Mike Snyder, M.M. at (914) 941-7636, Ext. 2230 . Learn more…