YAE Testimonials

"Something that really inspires me from Maryknoll is the way they minister to people. You know that they are there for the people. They're willing to listen, they're willing to respond, they're willing to offer resources... I was so inspired by the fact that this organization was taking their time and investing in learning about the true needs of youth and young adults in the church and outside of the church."


"Thanks to Maryknoll, I've allowed myself to see my faith through a different perspective--a faith that truly aspires to create a difference and create an impact in marginalized communities... I've been able to see how my faith can transcend, inspire and allow us to imagine a different way of living." 


"To me, church is people. Church is one community, together, living out God’s love, and this experience with Maryknoll has reminded me that that church being universal means that we need to be with one another. We need to encounter our brothers and sisters wherever they are, especially if they’re on the margins, be disturbed by what we encounter, and if there’s needs there, respond to that in love."