Maryknoll Teacher Formation Strategy


and TRANSFORMATION of school communities

We believe that by providing educators with strong formation opportunities and powerful immersion experiences, we can help animate them as mission educators in their schools and dioceses.  By supporting educators through our three-phase teacher development plan, we can help empower them as mission educators to transform students, families, and your fellow educators in answering their baptismal call to mission.

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Maryknoll offers professional development opportunities for Catholic educators to develop their awareness and skills as mission educators. 

Missionary Disciples Formation Program: This program is designed to give educators a strong grounding in mission as viewed through Scripture, Church history, and current models and methods for mission today.  It also is designed to help educators develop and share a spirituality grounded in mission, and develop the skills and resources to incorporate mission into your curriculum.  

Encounter mission firsthand with an experience crafted specifically not only for the formation of the educator, but to bring the voices and faces of children from around the world into the classroom.  Our immersion program focuses on:

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As you work to incorporate mission into your educational ministry, Maryknoll offers continued resources and support along the way.  By becoming a Teacher Mission Partner, you can stay plugged in to opportunities to further your development as a mission educator.  You also will be able to share and receive resources among a network of fellow mission educators.

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Other resources available to educators: