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  • Access to over 100 years of mission experience from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers to enrich your own education efforts

  • Access to lesson materials and resources for curriculum and teacher formation

  • Email notice of professional development and faith formation opportunities to help incorporate mission into your teaching and school identity

  • Email notice of upcoming immersion opportunities offered particularly for professional Catholic educators, with an emphasis on youth, family, and educational realities in countries such as Guatemala and Bolivia

  • Guidance on developing local immersion programs for adults and youth

  • Access to resources developed by other professional educators in the TMP network

  • Access to the Maryknoll magazine Classroom Program online lessons, posters, and articles available at

  • Contact with our mission education team for consultation on your mission education efforts

  • The opportunity to enliven your students, families, and fellow educators in the gift of mission!


  • You will commit to becoming more aware of mission and the issues facing our brothers and sisters around the world, and will strive to connect your school community to the mission efforts of others, including Maryknoll missionaries.

  • You will strive to incorporate mission education and global awareness into your curriculum and classroom/school identity.

  • You will consider participating in professional development and immersion opportunities, with the intention of incorporating this formation into your educational ministry.

  • You will consider mentoring and/or offering mission education formation to others in your school/diocese.

  • You will share resources and ideas with the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers for the benefit of your fellow educators.