Parish Visit FAQs

Invite a Maryknoll Missioner to your parish to preach on mission.

Despite globalization and the technological advances in transportation and communication, it’s estimated that at least 3 billion people around the world have yet to meaningfully encounter Christ.  Maryknoll has a program that will allow your parishioners participate in mission so that the Good News can be spread around the world.    

Our veteran Maryknoll priests are available throughout the summer and the rest of the year to come to your parish and assist with the weekend Masses.  For some pastors this allows them coverage so that they can take a needed break.  The Maryknoller may be able to also cover the weekdays preceding or following the weekend.  A few speak Spanish. 

While they are at your parish, we ask that the Maryknoller have the opportunity at the weekend Masses to talk about their mission experience in light of the Sunday readings and encourage people to sign up for the Maryknoll Magazine.  Since our founding over 90 years ago by the U.S. Bishops, Maryknoll has been encouraging, supporting and facilitating the U.S. Church’s efforts to participate in mission overseas.  The Maryknoll Magazine continues to be our primary means of putting a human face on mission and educating U.S. Catholics about the Church abroad.  As part of our mission education program, we will provide your parishioners a copy of the Maryknoll magazine and encourage people to sign up for the magazine through envelopes we provide. 


How is Maryknoll connected to the U.S. Church?

Maryknoll was founded in 1911 by two diocesan priests.   The U.S. Bishops endorsed their proposal and the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America was formed to encourage and support U.S. Catholics to participate in mission ad gentes.

Where are the Maryknollers from?

All the Maryknollers are missioners that have been sent from the U.S.  Most of them grew up in parishes like yours.  After seminary, they attended language and culture training before being sent on mission overseas. 

What will the Maryknoller say during his homily?

The Maryknoller will give a homily that reflects upon the daily readings and incorporate his own mission experience into that reflection.  Toward the end of his homily he will invite the parishioners to participate in mission by 1) encouraging missionary vocations, 2) pray for the missions and 3) invite them to stay connected with the Church’s mission efforts through the Maryknoll magazine. 

Do we have to have a second or special collection for Maryknoll?

Maryknoll is dependent on the generous participation of its donors.  However, we realize that parishes are inundated with second and special collections.   While we would be grateful to be the beneficiary of second collection, all that we ask is for the opportunity to encourage parishioners to participate in mission through the Maryknoll magazine by signing up with special envelopes.

How do parishioners sign up for the Maryknoll magazine?

At the Masses, we will provide special envelopes for parishioners to use to sign up for the Maryknoll magazine.  We suggest that they place the envelope in the regular collection and that after the collection; the ushers give the envelopes to the Maryknoller to take with him.  Some parishes prefer to send the unopened envelopes to us later by mail.  Other parishes will open the envelopes, collect the money and send us the empty envelopes (with the amount taken from it written on the front) and a check for the total.  We find it easiest and prefer that the unopened envelopes be given directly to the Maryknoller.

How does this relate to the diocesan mission cooperative plan?

This is not part of the diocesan mission cooperative plan and should not interfere with the visit from the missioner assigned to the parish by the diocese.  Please do not schedule a Maryknoller for a weekend near from mission coop date.

Is the Maryknoller available to help with confessions or other pastoral work?

Most of our Maryknollers would be more than happy to hear confessions and help with other sacramental or pastoral ministries during the weekend.  Please contact us with sufficient advance notice if you want the Maryknoller to preside at a wedding.

Can the Maryknoll stay in the parish for more than the weekend?

Many of our Maryknollers will enjoy the opportunity to stay in the parish for up to a week.  During this time they can visit the parish school or meet with parish groups and are available to say the weekday Mass and cover other pastoral ministries in the parish.

How will the Maryknoller get here and where will the Maryknoller stay?

The Maryknoller will provide his own transportation to and from the parish.  We request that the Maryknoller stay at the rectory if there is room.  If there is not enough room, we will make other arrangements for him.

What happens to the parishioners’ names after they fill out an envelope?

The parishioners will start receiving the Maryknoll magazine in a month or so.  Occasionally they may be contacted by us with opportunities to support the mission work of Maryknoll.  However, we hold the names we receive in sacred trust.  The names will not be sold, rented or given to any other organization and will be used solely by Maryknoll to communicate with the parishioners.

Are the Maryknollers approved for pastoral work in the U.S.?

We have on file and will provide a copy upon request for each Maryknoller a certificate from his superior that he is a priest in good standing and that he has not been suspended, canonically disciplined, exhibited improper behavior and specifically has not had any problems relating to sexual abuse with minors or others.

 How can I participate in mission as a priest?

Maryknoll provides short term mission opportunities for diocesan priests, such as our annual pilgrimage to Central America and well as longer term opportunities through our Maryknoll Associate Program.  Maryknoll also provides sabbatical and language programs.  Visit our website for more information.