El Paso Juarez

Summer and fall Trips

This week-long immersion experiences to El Paso, Texas and Juárez, MX in Summer and Fall will expose you to the current realities at the US/Mexican border as thousands continue to flee to the US to escape violence and poverty in their own countries.  You will have the chance to hear first-hand from immigrants, those who work with them, while also getting input from the Border Patrol. It is an opportunity to learn, judge, and analyze for yourself, through prayer and the Gospel, how God is inviting us to respond to this difficult situation.

This trip is particularly designed for teachers, catechists, and other parish and diocesan ministers, but is open to all who are eager to learn and then share the experience with others. 

Program includes:

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What Others have said about this immersion experience

What were the most powerful aspects of this experience?

"Facing the realities people are faced with and wiling to endure, difficult as they are."

"Having the opportunity to connect with people, listening to migrants, hearing from experts about the issues of the border."

What did you discover about God, yourself, or others?

"The importance of being invited and respecting local people's right to tell what they needed and how I could best help, if at all"

"I can never unknow what I learned this week. I have a whole new perspective on the suffering of others and what I can/should do about it. "

Based on this trip, how is God inviting you to respond?

"I will be speaking out more with people in my circle of friends and family  of the struggle of people who want nothing more than to live in peace."

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View some photos from the 2021 August immersion!

For more information on this or other immersion trips, please contact Kris East at keast@maryknoll.org or leave a message at 650-386-4434