East africa

Aug 1-16, 2024

Join us for a mission immersion to experience the JOY of Africa.  Learn about the people in Kenya and explore how we are linked in the bonds of global solidarity.

Program includes:

Trip details and estimated costs:

What Others have said about this immersion experience

What were the most powerful aspects of this experience?

"The East African spiritual joy amongst their material poverty"

"Visiting with people in their homes and informal settlements"

"I was touched by the openness and hopefulness of the children"

What did you discover about God, yourself, or others?

"This trip pushed me to think more critically about the world around me and also consider other ways of life than the way I was raised"

Based on this trip, how is God inviting you to respond?

I have always had a very clear life plan (college -> grad school -> PhD -> research). However, going on this trip has made me very open to living somewhere else and dedicating my life to something else. Two weeks is not enough and I am not sure any amount of time would be enough, but I absolutely plan to go back.

For more information on this or other immersion trips, please contact Zahira Sandoval at zsandoval@maryknoll.org or 773-493-3367 ext 263