Jamaica Immersion 2015

Ocho Rios beach, Jamaica

Share the Joy of Mission

In April of 2015 a group of missionaries mostly from California left the comfort and familiarity of their homes to embark on an adventure, to discover the sacred presence of God in the people of Jamaica.

Like the 70 disciples that Jesus sent ahead of him to the towns and villages he intended to visit, this group returned rejoicing, eager to tell their stories and to encourage others to go and see how God is present in the lives and hearts of the people of Jamaica. These are their stories.

The Maryknoll Mission Immersion Program provides parish ministers,

DREs and catechists with a unique mission experience.


  • Experience God in new unexpected places

  • Build relationships with people of different cultures

  • Learn new ways to ignite the fire of missio in parish

  • Become a living witness of the Gospel


  • Pre-trip orientation

  • Visits to local schools and children’s programs

  • Home and community visits with families

  • Professional development

  • Post-trip debriefing and reflection

  • Continuing education credits