El Salvador


Join us for a mission immersion trip to explore how we are linked to the people of El Salvador in the bonds of global solidarity.  Experience the faith, food and culture of Central America. 


Immersion includes:


What were the most powerful aspects of this experience?

"The experiential nature of the trip, the participation of Fr John, local priests, and lay missionaries and the breaks from the intense tragic history. Even though it was a short stay- the trip was so rich and intense. The group was great- I still need more time to process it - so powerful."

"First-hand accounts and first-person stories of faith experience during troubled years. Group prayers at the martyrs' graves and monuments." 

What did you discover about God, yourself, or others?

"The trip brought the story of St Romero and other martyrs alive in so many ways.    I have come away with an new enthusiasm to bear witness to their stories to my students, friends, and family."

"This trip revitalized me with the joy of my faith and reminded me that faith needs to be lived out, not just talked about. It was also great to do reflections during prayer time- the entire group profited from this part! "

Based on this trip, how is God inviting you to respond?

"I am a deeper person- I feel better able to face suffering in our world today with courage. I’m very attracted to lay mission, working more closely with the poor and immigrants and doing home visits to the elderly."