Seattle House Facilities

Facilities | Seattle/Northwest

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Meeting Space

Includes a portable electronics cart with laptop, LCD projector, and speakers, as well as a portable screen, whiteboard/easel, and folding chairs.


Guest Rooms

Accommodations available for up to seven guests of our Mission Education Training Program and other workshops.


Seats up to fifteen people for liturgy, spiritual reflection, prayer, and community-building.

Resource Library

A large selection of Orbis Books, Maryknoll DVDs, and other films related to mission are available to check out from our library.

Gathering/Reflection Space

Our living room and gathering space offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for socializing and reflection.

Limited Bookstore of Orbis Titles

Orbis Books are available to purchase at a discounted price to house visitors.

Dining Room

Table fellowship was an important part of Jesus' ministry, and we place great value on table fellowship for community-building in our programs.  Our dining room can accommodate up to fifteen people. 

In the Neighborhood

Located in an historic neighborhood in Capitol Hill, our house is only a block from Seattle's Volunteer Park, and a few blocks from St. Joseph Parish.  A number of restaurants and convenience stores are only a short walk away on 15th Ave.  (View neighborhood map)