Message from Fr. Ray Finch

Greetings! We want to serve you in creating a culture of mission in your diocese.

Founded over 100 years ago by two diocesan priests with the approval of the U.S. Bishops and St. Pope Pius X, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers have accompanied the creation of local Churches in developing countries throughout the world. While better known for our overseas ministry, all long, we have also supported the Catholic Church in the U.S. in embracing its own mission mandate.

Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, envisions a Church as communities of missionary disciples who go forth in joy to share the Good News. He challenges us to cross all borders, situational and geographic. While the seeds of mission are planted in the soul and are nourished in the family and local communities, the Spirit moves in ever widening circles to renew the face of the earth.

From the beginning Maryknoll’s mission education efforts in the Catholic Church in the U.S. have engaged Catholics in an ever broadening understanding of mission and global solidarity. Going forth and coming back to share the stories of Maryknoll’s ministries overseas has enriched not only the local ministry of the Church in the U.S., but helped contextualize in the global reality and built bonds of solidarity across borders.

Drawing on its rich history and current ministries around the earth, Maryknoll remains committed to being of service to the local church in fostering communities of missionary disciples in the Catholic Church in the U.S.

Yours in mission,

Fr. Ray Finch, MM

Superior General