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About Mission Education

Mission Education and Promotion, A 100 Year Tradition...

Maryknoll missioners in AfricaMaryknoll Father Tom Hanoi Acupuncture Hospital
Maryknoll priest (Fr Dennis Moorman) with Latino child
Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers were founded 100 years ago by two diocesan priests who had a passion for mission.   Along with a young woman, who would found the Maryknoll Sisters, they set out on a grand adventure to engage their fellow Catholics in the U.S. in the mission of Jesus.

That tradition continues today.  Maryknoll’s Mission Education and Promotion Department is here to serve the Catholic Church in the U.S.  Through baptism, we are all called to carry on the mission of Jesus.  We strive to help Catholics become more aware of their baptismal call to mission and encourage and support them in finding their path to participate in the mission.   We do that through:
  • Cultivation   We seek to develop and foster relationships and partnerships within the Church to collaboratively promote mission.
  • Mission Education   We provide resources and expertise to help educate and form Catholics to live out their baptismal call to mission, and in particular serve the needs of diocesan and parish leaders and ministers to become more effective mission educators.
  • Fundraising   We assist Catholics in participating in mission by sharing their financial resources to support the mission efforts of the Church through Maryknoll.
  • Vocations   We invite Catholics to personally  participate in mission through immersion trips and short term mission experiences and encourage them to consider whether God is calling them to a lifetime commitment as a missionary priest or brother.  

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