Thanksgiving Prayer

Creator God

source of all life and love.

The mystic Meister Eckhart said:

If the only prayer we ever say

in our entire life

is thank you,

it will be enough.

As we gather this Thanksgiving,

with family and friends around table,

our hearts overflow with gratitude.

We offer you our humble, grateful hearts

as the gift that you truly desire from us.

We are thankful:

For the gift of your love

that has brought forth all creation,

from the stars in the sky

to this food we are about to eat

For all the love

that has touched our lives,

even when it’s broken our hearts

For the gift of forgiveness

that has released the hurt and bitterness

and for when reconciliation has

healed broken relationships

For the times

that we have been disturbed

and moved to compassion

by the suffering of others

that has led to solidarity

For your Spirit of mercy

that has compelled us

to work for right relationship,

peace and justice

so that your your will be done on earth

as it is in heaven

We ask you to continue to shower down

your blessings upon us

and to bless this food we are about eat,

mindful of those who go without this day

Through Jesus Christ

Our Lord and Brother,