How to Use the Reflection Guides


Toward New Life

"Jesus being driven by the Spirit into the desert to be tested for 40 days feels particularly poignant this year. With the pandemic and upheaval in the world, it feels like we’ve been stuck in the Lenten desert for a year now. But just as the Spirit eventually drove Jesus out from the desert into active public ministry, we know that life after Covid will eventually emerge, particularly as vaccines become more available.

As we wait, this Lent gives us the opportunity to use this time to prepare ourselves not only for Easter, but for emerging as bold missionary disciples ready to continue the mission of love. These weekly reflection Guides can be used in community or individually. They will take you through a process to reflect on your life and the world around you through the lens of the Gospel. To enrich your reflection we offer you our global Maryknoll stories and insights. We hope that they will help you connect with our worldwide family and better discern how God is inviting you to go forth and do justice.

  1. Opening Prayer

Begin by taking time in silence to enter into the presence of God’s love. Throughout his life, Jesus balanced prayer with action.

2. introduction

Read together to introduce the theme. Each week we focus on a particular theme of global economic justice that builds the bonds of global solidarity.

3. See Our Reality

Use the reflection questions to share your stories to appreciate how God is present in our lives. Then read together the Global Connection to listen to the stories of others and see how the Spirit is at work in the world.

4. Discern with our Faith

Read the Gospel together. If you have time, read it twice with a pause in between for everyone to share one word or phrase that spoke to them. Then use the reflection questions to look at your experience and what's going on in the world through the lens of the Gospel.

5. Go forth and do justice

Discern how God invites you and your community to go forth as missionary disciples to do justice locally and globally. Each week consider how you can engage more intentionally in the Lenten traditions of: Pray, Fast and Give.

6. Closing Prayer

Conclude with sharing your intentions, an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and a closing prayer.