Advent 2018

Journey with us each day of Advent...

Remember the childlike joy of years past as you counted down the days to Christmas, each day opening a new tab on your Advent Calendar and delighting in the special message it brought to you that day?

Join us each day this Advent as we experience the abundant power of God’s love. Go to our Facebook Page for a daily encounter with someone who really lived the Advent Journey. Let the light of their lives illuminate our days and inspire our prayer as we prepare our hearts for a deeper celebration of the coming of our Lord at Christmas. Together on a common journey as missionary disciples, we will bring God’s love to all his people. Go now to the Facebook Page.

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First Sunday of Advent

O Lord of Love and Salvation

on this First Sunday of Advent,

you remind us to be vigilant at all times

as we light our first Advent candle.

May its light help us to see

And its warmth keep us alert

That we may be prepared,

For your sudden arrival in our lives.

We live in troubling times around the world.

Let us always dwell secure,

Confident in the promise you have made.

You are our justice

Son of David, we await you.

Lift up our souls to you in love.

Open our eyes to the dignity of every person

That we might see you in everyone we meet.

Let you love rain down on all your peoples

To our families and loved ones near and far,

To those with whom we live and work

Uniting us with those we never notice

Waiting for us to say hello.

Letting them know that they are not alone

Reminding us always of our true mission

To make your presence felt in the world.

We pray this in the name of Jesus,

who is the Son of Man

And a Light for all humanity. Amen

Second Sunday of Advent

O God of peace,

on this Second Sunday of Advent,

through the words of Baruch the prophet,

you speak to us of your love of justice

as we light our second Advent candle.

John the Baptist reminds us,

That the powers of the world cannot save us.

Despite their power,

Their days are already known to you.

You only desire that we prepare;

And change our hearts while there is still time

To follow your path of forgiveness.

Help us to follow his example

To be a prophetic voice of justice for the voiceless.

As we walk through another day of our Advent journey,

Free us from mourning and misery,

And wrap us in your cloak of justice.

Bring us back to you

Through paths that have been made straight,

And roads that have been made smooth.

Lead us home in joy,

Pure and blameless in your sight.

We pray this through your child Jesus,

who is our constant companion

On every path we travel.


Third Sunday of Advent

O God of glad tidings,

on this Third Sunday of Advent,

Your Spirit is upon us.

As we light our rose candle,

We are filled with joy and thanksgiving.

Your kindness extends to all,

Reaching out to the loneliest margins

And to the most distant places on earth.

In you we are freed from all anxiety,

As we make our desires known to you.

Your grant us a peace

That surpasses all understanding.

We are confident and unafraid,

For you are our strength and our courage.

Soften our hearts

And free us from our fears

That we not be slow

To share our second coat

With the one who is cold tonight

And to share our food

With those who are in need.

We pray this through our brother Jesus

who gave all that he had to us

And taught us to do the same

So that we would know joy.


Fourth Sunday of Advent

O God of ancient promise,

on this Fourth Sunday of Advent,

Mary and Elizabeth reflect your glory,

Faithful women who inspire us

As we light our final Advent candle.

A woman is the first among us

To proclaim your glory to the world

“Blessed are you who believed,

That what was spoken to you by the Lord

Would be fulfilled.”

You ask us not for sacrifice,

You desire no burnt offerings,

But ask only that we do your will, O God,

And love one another as you have loved us.

As the days of Advent come to a close,

We thank you for presence among us

As we journey toward Christmas day.

Bless all your people who gather in your name.

Make us holy and pleasing in your sight.

Give us new life,

And teach us to call upon your name.

Send us forth into world,

Rejoicing as your missionary disciples

Going where your presence is most needed.

We pray this through Jesus our Lord,

Make us turn to you.

Let us see your face,

And we shall be saved!