Mission Spirituality

Reflection Guides for Communities of Missionary Disciples

Prayer / Spirituality

God is love. God's purpose in creation is to share that love and all of creation is imprinted with divine love. We were created in a unique way to bear the very image and likeness of God, who is love. But since the nature of love requires choice, whether to accept and return the love, or reject it, we can choose whether to live in God's love or reject it and live in the illusion that we can separate ourselves from God. But even when we reject God's love, God persists.

God's mission of bringing love to all creation continues and as Christians, we believe that in Jesus, God's love was incarnated in human form to show us the ultimate expression of love. Jesus shared that mission of proclaiming God's reign of love with his followers and after his resurrection, passed that mission on to his disciples.

For almost 2,000 years, the followers of Jesus have carried on the mission of proclaiming God's love, particularly to those most in need of the message, the poor and those on the margins of society who are told they don't matter. Not an easy task. Actually it is only possible because it's not our mission, but God's mission.

What is mission spirituality? It is the ongoing practice of putting ourselves in communion with God through prayer and contemplation so we can respond yes to God's invitation to carry on the mission. It is openness to be formed and transformed for the mission. It is experiencing God through our encounter with the other. It is living in solidarity that drives us to work for the peace and justice of God's kingdom. It is allowing ourselves to be converted as we invite others to conversion. It's about love, accepting it in our lives and sharing it with others.

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