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Background: The children in the first photo live in dangerous area of Guatemala City. They come to this facility for tutoring and to stay off of the streets. Below, you can see a picture of an armed guard in their neighborhood, and a house collecting water from the rain gutters (they had gone over a month without running water).

Background: These children are learning carpentry in the hopes that it will create opportunities for them as adults. In the bottom picture, one of the boys works making simple replicas of Our Lady of Guadalupe to be sold to tourists, a common unskilled craft.

Background: These children are playing games in their rural neighborhood. Below, you can see their homes.

Background: A family in Esquipulas, Guatemala. The mother used to sell empanadas in town, until her arthritis made that work impossible. The two kids on the left are her son and daughter, the two on the right are neighbors there for a visit.

Background: These children live at an orphanage run by four women religious. It is common for older girls to take an active role in caring for their younger counterparts.

Background: A woman carries a load of sticks in Esquipulas.