Missionary Disciples Formation Seminar

Building Bridges in a Polarized World

Balancing Action and Contemplation

August 5 to 10, 2019

Maryknoll Center in Los Altos, CA

Looking to find positive ways to minister in our polarized world? Join us on retreat to pray and reflect on how to balance contemplation and action to become an effective bridge building missionary disciple.


Go deeper in your understanding of mission and evangelization.

Continue to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach and inspire others to live out their own call as missionary disciples.

Advanced Missionary Discipleship Formation Seminars include:

  • A deeper look at the mission narrative from our Scriptural and historical foundations to better understand our own response to God's invitation to participate in the mission of love
  • An examination of mission within our own context and culture and how that relates and connects to a more global understanding of mission grounded in solidarity.
  • How to grow in our own identity as a missionary and encourage and support a spirituality grounded in mission for others
  • How to become more effective and engaging in forming others to respond to their own baptismal call to mission
  • Best practices for developing mission education components and programs at the school, parish and diocesan level

Upon successful completion the participant will have:

    • Developed a deeper understanding of mission, their own identity as a mission educator and continued to develop a spirituality based on global solidarity
    • Advanced competence to do mission education presentations and incorporate mission into curricula and programs
    • Confidence to assist other parish ministers to incorporate mission into their identity and programs
    • Training necessary to become an instructor of Module One Basic Mission Education Training Session (above).


  • Successful completion of the Basic Mission Education Training Program (see above) or equivalent mission education training or experience.

Program Format:

Five day (Monday-Friday) program offered at our Mission Centers in San Francisco or Chicago and New York

Preparatory Texts:

  • Constants in Context, Bevans & Schroeder
  • The Mission of God and Postmodern Culture, Sivalon
  • Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis
  • Redemptoris Missio, Pope John Paul II