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Getting Started with Mission
Resources to help teachers better appreciate God's mission and how we are called to live it

This resource offers a Scriptural basis for what mission is, how it has been lived in our tradition, and how we discern our own role in living the mission of God.

Practical starting points for forming classroom communities as communities of missionary disciples through communal prayer and discernment.

This longer text outlines principles for embracing a missionary transformation in our Church communities.

This resource breaks down different ways we can live out the mission, as outlined by St. John Paul II in Redemptoris Missio. A great guide for discerning how to invite students into mission.

Discover more reflections on mission at the Maryknoll blog.
How to Form Communities of Missionary Disciples
Resources to help in your discernment about how your classrooms and school/parish communities can live the mission together

A resource for teachers to begin to plan how to engage students in mission. A great exercise for individual teachers, teams of teachers, and entire school faculties. 

Teachers can use this framework and discernment questions to develop mission-minded service and outreach programs for students.

What makes service and outreach "mission"? Students (middle school and up) and teachers alike can use this rubric to assess their own mission activity.

These quotes on what it means to be a Church driven by mission can help teachers and ministers reflect upon their own community and how it can more fully live the mission.

This activity is excellent for discerning where you as a school or parish community are called to love more deeply.  You can also invite students to do this activity.
Classroom Resources
Ready-to-use lessons and multimedia materials

DYN by Maryknoll offers religious educators catechetical resources with a global perspective. We offer lesson plans, activities, prayers, Scriptural reflections, missionary action suggestions and more. Our educator guides are tied to four global themes throughout the year: Care of Creation (fall), Migration (Advent), Economic Justice (Lent), and the call to Go Forth (Easter/Pentecost). Explore DYN today!

This lesson offers various activity options for students to break open the experience of Japanese Americans during their internment of WWII: taking a look at fear, courage, and when we feel called to take a stand. 

PLURAL+ is an initiative and contest dedicated to bringing the power of multimedia into the creative hands of young people. Maryknoll is a partner in this effort. These videos are available free online for classroom use! (Sample entry from Haiti)

This set of 18 stories introduces students to other young people from around the world. They look at family. interests, culture and the joys of teens in Haiti, Tanzania, Guatemala, Philippines, Japan, the United States and  eleven other countries. This series will enhance social studies, geography and religion classes. 

This lesson plan invites students consider God's nature as love, how we show love, and who is on the margins that they are called to love as Christ does.

This hour-long lesson is great for working with large groups of middle school students to learn about our world and reflect on discipleship..

This is an excellent resource for engaging high school students before, during, and after a mission trip. Great for youth group trips, as well!
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