Missionary Disciples Formation Programs

Going Forth with Joy to
Share the Good News of God's Love

"Every Christian is a missionary
to the extent that he or she has encountered
the love God in Christ Jesus:
we no longer say that we are 'disciples' and 'missionaries',
but rather that we are always 'missionary disciples'." 

Pope Francis, Evangelii Guadium

All Christians become missionary disciples at baptism and it's your job to form and accompany them as they go forth in joy to share the Good News.

Not an easy task!

Jesus passed his mission on to his disciples and for almost two thousand years the mission has been passed down from generation to generation. It's now up to us to make sure that this gift of missionary discipleship is given to the next generation.

Maryknoll is excited to offer the Missionary Disciples Formation Program for frontline parish and school ministers (teachers, principals, DREs, lay ecclesial ministers, catechists, priests, deacons and wives, etc.) and all others interested in mission. This program will assist them in carrying out the privilege and responsibility they bear of instilling a missionary spirit in the faithful by helping them create and support "communities of missionary disciples" that go forth in joy.

Programs offered at our mission houses in the Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago or New York areas. Or contact us about bringing the program to your parish or diocese or custom tailoring to fit into your formation program.

The program qualifies for Continuing Education Credit.

FAQs: Am I a Missionary Disciple?

Aren't missionaries typically priests, brothers and sisters who go overseas?

Some missionary disciples are priests, brothers and sisters, and some of them are involved in ministry overseas. However, all Christians become missionary disciples when they are baptized. (EG 120)

So, mission isn't just something that happens in foreign lands?Mission happens everywhere. For most of us, our call to mission will happen primarily in our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods. But Jesus' challenges us to always be mindful that God's mission has no boundaries and limits. We are called to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world even if we never leave home.

Is mission primarily about converting people to the Catholic faith?
Mission is about sharing the joy of God's love with others, especially those who are told or believe that they are unlovable. When we do a good job of sharing God's love with others, those who aren't part of our Catholic community will hopefully become attracted to us and our faith and want to join us.

What is mission education and who is a mission educator?
While all Christians are baptized into the mission of Jesus, they need help to become aware of that, and to become properly formed in the faith so that they can effectively share their joy with others. Mission educators are primarily the teachers, catechists, deacons, priests and parish ministers who help form missionary disciples. This usually happens at the parish and school.

Missionary Disciples Formation Programs

  • Appreciate the significance of missionary discipleship to your personal, ministerial, and communal identities
  • Engage with the scriptural, historical, and theological foundations of God’s mission for us and for creation
  • Encounter the Church as a community of missionary disciples and engage with current models and methods of authentic missionary discipleship
  • Grow in a spirituality grounded in mission and solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the margins
  • Develop skills and resources to strengthen and enliven your ministries, programs, and communities through mission education
  • Make evangelization a priority in your parish or school.
  • Learn how to integrate scripture and  church teaching on mission into your programs (Redemptoris Missio, Evangelii Guadium and the USCCB Statement: Teaching the Spirit of Mission Ad Gentes, Continuing Pentecost Today)
Read about who attends and what they do afterwards...

What programs do you offer?


What is Missionary Discipleship?  What is Pope Francis talking about?  We offer 90 minute to half day introductory workshops on missionary discipleship.  We also offer workshops on mission related topics and global solidarity.  

Basic Missionary Discipleship Program

Need to know the basics about being a missionary disciple?  The Basic Program provides four sessions of 2 to 3 hours of formation for mission educators, usually over two days or a weekend, in a retreat setting to implement Pope Francis's Joy of the Gospel / Evangelii Gaudium to support local communities of mission disciples who go forth in joy to share the Good News of God's love. 

Catholic Social Teaching as a Path of Mission

How is Catholic Social Teaching (Social Justice) an essential path of mission?  

Advanced Missionary Discipleship Formation Seminar

Ready to take the next step as a missionary disciple and go deeper?  Join our five day annual seminar.  Learn more...

Missionary Discipleship Retreats

What does it mean to have the spirituality of a missionary disciple, a person overflowing with joy who goes forth in gratitude to share the love and mercy of God that they have received with others, especially those who need it the most?  Learn more...

Missionary Discipleship Parish Missions

We can help get your whole parish on board as a community of missionary disciples.  


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