Catholic Social Teaching as a Path of Missionary Discipleship

Develop a better understanding of how our Catholic Social Teaching and efforts to work for peace and justice fit into the context of the Church's overall mission of sharing the Good News with others and are an essential task of missionary discipleship.

Program sessions include:

  • Session 1: Scriptural foundations of Catholic Social Teaching in light of the evangelical mission
  • Session 2: Overview of the history and methodology of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Session 3: Overview of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and their application locally and globally
  • Session 4: Resources and tools to integrate Catholic Social Teaching into ministry and programsUpon successful completion the participant will have:

Program Format:

  • Sessions are 2 hours in length using adult learning methods.
  • Sessions are typically offered over two full days or 4 evenings
  • Sessions are offered at your diocesan, school or parish site.